New post-doc position for project on trafficking

I’m recruiting a 2-year full-time post-doctoral fellow, to be based at the University of Edinburgh (Politics and IR), starting January 2014. The post-doc will work on a new FP7 project on measures to address trafficking in human beings (DemandAT, coordinated by ICMPD, Vienna). The main duties involve (a) research on different regulatory tools for addressing demand for illicit/unethical goods, and (b) coordinating dissemination activities (including multi-media, policy briefs) across the Europe-wide consortium. It would suit someone with a PhD in social/political science, especially in the areas of regulatory governance, public policy, illegal migration/trafficking, informal labour, fair trade. It would be a great opportunity for conducting and publishing exciting research, developing research dissemination skills, and building research and policy contacts across Europe.

Deadline: 3rd December. Interviews: 17th December. Ideal start-date: 1st/6th January 2014.

For details, please see:

N.B. you need to refine the search by selecting “Politics and International Relations”

I’ll be posting more on the project in the coming days.

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