Seeing Illegal Immigrants: State Monitoring and Political Rationality (ESRC, 2016-18). This ESRC Standard Grant project explores how public authorities in the UK, France and Germany have constructed and monitored unauthorised residents since the 1960s. It brings together a team of historians and political scientists from the University of Edinburgh. The project is scheduled to start in August 2016.

Politics of Monitoring (ESRC, 2013-16). This project explores the determinants and effects of performance measurement in public policy, focusing on the areas of immigration policy, climate change and defence procurement. It is being carried out by a team of University of Edinburgh researchers from the disciplines of political science and science and technology studies. Recently published articles from the project include on “The Double Life of Targets in Public Policy: Disciplining and Signaling in UK Asylum Policy” (Public Administration); and Policies, Politics and Organizational Problems: Multiple Streams in the Implementation of Targets in UK Government (Policy and Politics).

DemandAT (FP7, 2014-16). This is an EU-sponsored project examining the concept of ‘demand’ for trafficking in human beings, and exploring possible approaches to addressing such ‘demand’. The project is led by ICMPD Vienna, and the University of Edinburgh is leading work packages on options for ‘smart’ regulation, and dissemination.

DIAMINT (Volkswagen Foundation, 2011-13). This project was led by Erasmus University Rotterdam, and explored ‘science-society dialogues’ on integration policy in a number of EU countries, and at EU level. Edinburgh University led the case study on the use of research in UK immigration policies. The findings have been published as an edited collection, available as open access.

Migration Policy and Narratives of Steering (ESRC, 2007-9). This ESRC Seminar Series was jointly run with Andrew Geddes (Sheffield), and examined how policy actors develop narratives about immigration, and about the impacts of policies on immigration dynamics. The series resulting in a special issue of BJPIR on States, Knowledge and Narratives of Migration.

KNOWMIG (EU FP7, 2004-8). KNOWMIG (Expanding the Knowledge Base of European Labour Migration Policies) was a major EU-funded project, financed under a Marie Curie Excellence Grant. It involved a team of 5 social scientists (from economics, geography, sociology and political science) exploring the role of migrant networks in mediating East-West migration, as well as the use of expert knowledge in policy-making. One of the main outputs was my (2009) CUP monograph on The Political Uses of Expert Knowledge: Immigration Policy and Social Research.

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